Youth RISE Nigeria

Organisation Profile

Youth RISE Nigeria was formally founded in 2012 as an organisation under the global Youth RISE network. The organisation was formed following an increase in drug use amongst young people in the region and the need for policy dialogue and reform in the country.

Youth RISE Nigeria benefits from being connected with an international network of young people with global experiences in drug policy and effective programming for young people who use drugs.


Youth RISE Nigeria is a youth-led organisation with a mission to promote evidence based drug policies and practices with the meaningful involvement of young people and most affected communities.


  • Reduce drug related harm amongst young people who use drugs in Nigeria
  • Open dialogue space on effective, evidence-based and rights-based drug policies
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination experienced by young people who use drugs in Nigeria

Areas of Activity:

Advocacy: Youth RISE Nigeria advocates for drug policies and practices that reduce drug related harm to the individual and to the community at large. Drawing on evidence and global best practice, Youth RISE engages policy makers and other key stakeholders into dialogue and action regarding the development of effective drug policies.

Capacity building: There is an identified gap in capacity of community-based organisations to respond to the increasing drug use amongst young people in Nigeria. Drawing on global experience of programming for people who use drugs and drug policy, Youth RISE Nigeria supports community organisations to increase their knowledge and skills in drugs, their effects, and effective programming for reducing drug related harm, particularly among young people.

Research: Youth RISE Nigeria conducts research in order to get a better understanding of drug trends, populations at risk, risky behaviours associated with drug use and drug harms to the individual and community.

Youth RISE Nigeria is currently hosted by : Civil Society on Health & Right  of Vulnerable Women and Girls in Nigeria(CISHRWIN)