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Youth RISE is a membership based network. Our membership is made up of young people and activists from around the world who are passionate about drug policy, harm reduction, HIV , youth empowerment, sexual health, human rights and drug user rights.

It is a requirement for members to be under 30 years old and to support Youth RISE's mission and vision:

  • "Youth RISE is a youth led network promoting evidence based drug policies and harm reduction strategies with the involvement of young people who use drugs and are affected by drug policies.
  • Youth RISE envisions a world where society responds to drug use among young people through humane and evidence based policy and practice."

New Membership Structure

We have launched our new membership structure giving members access to our new membership database allowing members to search for other members by their name, location or by their interests and you will be automatically be added to Youth RISE mailing list. We hope this will improve communication among our network and created a more inter-connected membership network.

Please note: Even if you have previously registered via our website, all members will be required to re-register on the website.