Staff & Trustees


Murtaza Majeed - International Coordinator

Murtaza Majeed has been working on drug treatment, policymaking, advocacy on drug policy, and harm reduction services. Murtaza has worked with Medicines du Monde and he was national training and resource center coordinator for the Afghanistan National AIDS Control Program. The first methadone clinic funded by the Global Fund and Afghanistan government was one of his organisation's achievements. Training and development of harm reduction programs, OST to other health staffs in Afghanistan was part of his responsibilities through the National Training and Resource Centre...


Ilona Szabo de Carvalho

Ilona Szabo de Carvalho is a violence reduction and drug policy specialist and the founder of the Igarape Institute. She serves as the co-coordinator of the Global Commission on Drug Policy Secretariat and formerly on the secretariat of the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy.

Caitlin Padgett

Caitlin has gained significant global experience as one of the founders and coordinators of Youth RISE. She has been working for 10 years in peer based, youth-led HIV and AIDS, harm reduction and public health programs. This work began with YouthCO AIDS Society, Canada’s only youth-led HIV and AIDS organization, where Caitlin began volunteering at age 15. After directing several youth video productions, she later went on to become the provincial Hepatitis programs coordinator for the Agency. Caitlin also coordinated Crystal Clear, a peer-based harm reduction program for and by street-youth who use methamphetamines.

Aram Barra

Aram has been a youth activist for almost the past ten years and he has been working in HIV/AIDS and harm reduction issues in Latin America for the past three years. Before that, he worked on youth participation on diverse world issues, youth employment, education and sexual and reproductive rights through Euphoric Youth and Espolea, both of which he is a co-founder.